Celebrate your school holidays on ice skates.
In 4 days you will learn all the tips & tricks of skating together with friends and parents. Sign up for the skating lessons and experience a wonderful winter, sporty and educational holiday!

-> Yes, I am participating in the intensive skating course

Holiday course

School holidays mean winter sports in your own country during an intensive course. An intensive course consists of a few days in a row, 90 minutes a day of skating lessons. For youth (from 5 years) and for adults. Join us and get to work in your own group for four days. You are on the ice for 90 minutes. As the name suggests: an intensive skating week. During this week, youth and adults receive skating lessons in separate groups, according to age (youth) and level (youth and adults). These weeks guarantee a lot of skating fun.

Any level

It doesn't matter if you've never skated before, or if you can already step through the inside bend. Everyone is welcome in the holiday course and you will receive lessons at your level. The skating instructors are always looking for exercises and training methods that suit you.

From 5 years

Children can participate from 5 years old. That's a good age to start skating. We strive to divide the children into classes according to age and level as much as possible. At the end of the course there is a skating diploma and a pin for all youth. And also nice: parents can also participate. You then all have lessons at the same time, but not in the same group. So you go home satisfied after a wonderfully sporty morning.

Times and more information

For details about the skating course, dates and times, look above at the ice rink near you.