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Skating lesson for everyonelevel! Norwegians driving

We will hopefully see you on the ice in the 2024-2025 season

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the whole season course

Whole season

Schedule, starting times

Sunday  9.30  10.50
Monday  9.30  19.30  21.00
Tuesday  19.30  21.00
Wednesday  9.30 7 p.m. (advanced) students
Thursday  19.30  21.00
Friday  9.30
Saturday  9.30  10.50

What does it cost?

Prices 2024-2025

The price below includes entrance and excludes any skate rental.
The number of entrances on your card is equal to the number of lessons booked.

all season 11x  € 221,10

The number of free places is visible by registering. This is a real time overview.

Leasing or renting skates?

You can rent skates on the ice rink itself. The sports store Outdoor XL in Barendrecht has the option of leasing skates for the entire or half of the skating season. Take a look here for more information.

When not?

During the Christmas holidays there are no regular classes from Sunday December 22 to Saturday January 4, 2025.

Missed lesson season 2023-2024

It is possible to make up for a missed lesson during the booked course period on:

Norwegians drive

Sunday 10:50 am
Monday 9:30 am
Wednesday 9.30 am
Thursday 9 p.m
youth :
the youth groups are fully booked at all lesson times. It is usually possible to catch up on a lesson, but if a youth group is too full
If you want to catch up, it is unfortunately not possible to participate in the lesson.
You do not have to register at Duosport or the skating rink to catch up on a lesson
The catch-up times may change during the season
Sunday 7 January is the first day of classes after the Christmas holidays, the first Saturday class after the holidays is on Saturday 13 January


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