Holiday course

Take skating lessons. A sporty, challenging and fun way to spend your holiday.

🎄 Do you want to do something sporty with the children during the Christmas holidays? Learn to skate (better).
📱 A sporty start to the day!
😃 Join the skating lessons for Norwegians in the Christmas or spring break course! In 3 days, 90 minutes a day, children from 5 years old can work in groups for a wonderfully sporty, educational and fun Christmas holiday.With a diploma and a pin at the end!
We divide the adults into groups according to level in the Christmas week.
In the spring week there is a Personal Training group for adults (max 5 people per instructor)

The Christmas and spring break course starts at:

10:15 am to 11:45 am for youth and adults


Rooster 2024 – 2025

christmas week 23, 24, 27 december Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10:15 to 11:45 am
crocus March 5 to 7 Wednesday to Friday 10:15 to 11:45 am

90 minutes per day nordic driving lessons for youth and adults
On the ice at the same time, but in different groups

What does it cost? 2024-2025

course fee
christmas week 23, 24, 27  dec Monday, Tuesday, Friday youth   €  94,45
christmas week 23, 24, 27 dec Monday, Tuesday, Friday adults   € 94,45
crocus March 5 to 7 Wednesday to Friday youth   € 94,45
crocus March 5 to 7 Wednesday to Friday adults, Personal Training   €  137,25

The course fee includes entrance and excludes any skate rental. You can arrange skate rental at RONO Sport at the ice rink.
A missed lesson cannot be made up. Unused entrance fee remains activated until the closing date of the skating rink on March 15, 2025


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